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Seminar & Colloquium

Seminar & Colloquium 게시글의 상세 화면
제목 Seminars and Talks of this week(April 2~6, 2018)
작성자 관리자 등록일 2018-03-30 조회수 115

Seminars and Talks of this week

SKKU, General Bd 3F, AORC Seminar Room


Riordan Group Seminar

  April 4 (Wednesday)

    13:30-14:10    Ji-Hwan Jung, Oriented Riordan graphs
    14:10-14:50    Seyed A. Mojallal, What is a point-line geometry
    14:50-15:30    Bumtle Kang, Edge clique cover number of Riordan graphs and some related graph
    15:40-16:20    Minho Song, Trees that are not Riordan graphs
    16:20-17:00    Sohyeon Gyeong, Observation of the chordal graph via the Riordan graph 

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