7th A3 Symposium on Emerging Materials :
Nanomaterials for Electronics, Energy and Environment


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Symposium secretariat

Ms. Okju Kang 

Ms. Jakyung Jung

For questions about any symposium details, please contact us at asia3@skku.edu

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Accomodation and Travel




The Conference will be held at Lotte Buyeo Resort, Korea.


A New Cultural Resort, Lotte Buyeo Resort, Korea(http://www.lottebuyeoresort.com/eng)

(400, Baekjemun-ro, Gyuam-myeon, Buyeo-gun, Chungcheongnam-do, Korea)









Special conference rates are available for following rooms. Breakfast is included in the room rate. Please specify the room type and occupant lists in the pre-registration form. The pre-registration form should be submitted by email (asia3@skku.edu) by September 10, and we will reserve room at Lotte Buyeo Resort for paticipants.


Room Type I : Deluxe Double or Twin(Double bed or Twin bed , 1 people) : 100,000KRW/night

Room Type II : Deluxe Family Twin (Double bed and Single bed, 2 people) : 149,000KRW/night

Room Type III : Family Big Twin (2 Double bed, 2 people) : 154,000KRW/night

Room Type IV : Family Twin (Twin bed room and Ondol room, 4 people) : 178,000KRW/night




We will arrange a shuttle bus to and from Incheon or Kimpo airport for each country if participants from each country travel in one group.


If you have to travel separately, please send your travel schedule to conference secretariat (asia3@skku.edu).

You can take a limousine bus from Incheon airport to Gongju bus terminal (2 1/2 hours Minutes, 19,300KRW). You need to take a taxi from Gongju bus terminal to the Lotte resort (40 minutes, ~40,000KRW). We may arrange a local transportation from Gongju bus terminal to the Lottee resort if you travel in a group of 2~4.



BY Airport Limousine


A. Find Gate 9D on 1st Floor at Incheon Airport Bus Terminal.



B. Bus Operating Time

There are total 5 times for express bus going to Gongju Bus Terminal. Please be in front of Bus Stop at least 10 mins before. It takes about approx. 200mins(3 hrs. 20 mins) from Incheon airport to Gongju Bus Terminal.

  •     -  08:05AM, 10:30AM, 12:30PM, 15:30PM, 19:10PM, 20:30PM (5 times per day)
  •     -  Bus fare: Day time- 19,300 Korean won,
  •                        Night time- 21,200 Korean won (cash)


C. Please get off at Gongju Bus Terminal. Then our A3 staff will pick you up at the time of your arrival.