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Semiconductor Systems Engineering

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In 2006, Sungkyunkwan University and Samsung Electronics collaborated to launch the Semiconductor Systems Engineering program to establish a world-class semiconductor design education and research department.


The Department of Semiconductor Systems Engineering is leading development in parts of semiconductor areas globally, and trying to help train competent technology manpower to fulfill the need for technique.


With an excellent curriculum and student benefits, we were able to attract the top 1% of students in the national college entrance exam, and instantly became the No.1 undergraduate engineering program in Korea. Since this initial success, SKKU has been able to continually recruit top students and build a local and global reputation.


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Department in Detail
1. Courses & Curriculum

The primary educational goal of our department is to produce innovative leaders who are capable of applying theoretical knowledge over a broad range of problems and create rapid advancements in semiconductor technology. Students are taught by both outstanding faculties from SKKU and experts from Samsung Electronics so that they can establish a solid foundation in theory with a thorough understanding of the latest technology. We sustain that the ratio of university lectures and industry lectures is fifty-fifty. Specialists in the semiconductor field, they provide vivid information and direct knowledge about market trends and general information about semiconductors.


Starting with the recruiting of highly-distinguished students, in the first year we offer courses to foster innovation and team work. In the second and third years, intensive theoretical and practical courses are offered to let students experience a broad spectrum of problems in semiconductor engineering. In the fourth year, students take courses offered by experienced Samsung engineers and gain hands-on engineering skills to succeed in their future careers. Students can also participate in cutting edge research projects by joining research laboratories led by world class professors.


All students gain internship experience at Samsung Electronics before graduation to explore the division that they want to join after graduation, and to be trained by experienced semiconductor engineers. For students who meet certain qualifications, opportunities are given to obtain an M.S. degree while maintaining an employee status at Samsung Electronics.


2. Facilities, Resources and Funding

1) Facilities/ Resources

A 7,900 square semiconductor research/education building was newly completed in 2008. It hosts lecture halls, PC/ workstation rooms, electronics laboratories, and libraries in addition to group study and club activity rooms.


2) Funding (Scholarship)

1. Provide admission fee and 4 year total scholarship to all enrolled

  - After admission, continuity of scholarship depends on observance of regulations.


2. Provide grants for honored students with high academic achievement (For First/ Second year)

  - Selection standard follows department regulations.


3. Samsung Electronics provides a loan scholarship (For Third/ Fourth year)

  - Only for students who passed Samsung recruitment process in sophomore, second semester.


4. Guaranteed employment at Samsung Electronics virtually upon graduation.

  - Only for students who passed Samsung recruitment process in sophomore, second semester.

  - Possible to retake the test every semester


3. Exchange & Partnerships

As an effort to familiarize students with the globalized semiconductor industry, freshmen orientations are held in the U.S. or China. Students visit Samsung Electronics’ international subsidiaries, world-leading semiconductor foundries or design centers, and other top universities. Students have an option to spend one or two semesters in one of the top universities in the U.S., China, or Europe, by participating in exchange student programs.



Continuing Strong Partnership with Samsung Electronics


SKKU is now fostering the development of outstanding human resources for the new era of semiconductor technology in cooperation with Samsung Electronics. As the global leader in the industry, Samsung has placed priority on working with SKKU to develop practice-centered academic training and perform innovative research. The Semiconductor Systems Engineering program is now benchmarked by many other universities as a role model of successful collaboration between academia and industry. Various activities and events take place to get better acquainted. There are climbing tournaments, athletics competitions, membership training for two nights and three days, and so on.


Administrative staff are committed to providing exceptional service for educational and career-related subjects that are crucial to the students. We support various extra-curricular activities that can enrich the college experience.