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Tenure Track Faculty

 Tenure Track Faculty



    【 prerequisites 】

Reappointment refers to hiring the faculty member at the same band. To be rehired, the faculty member has to meet the three requirements.


    【 Reappointment Period 】

Reappointment is done on 1 Mar. or 1 Sep. of each calendar year.


    【 Reappointment Duration 】

Assistant professor are given four years and conditions shall be stipulated in written contract form.


    【 Maximum Number of Years for the Same Status 】

Maximum number of years a faculty member can serve in the same band is limited as per the following. Therefore, a faculty member who fails to achieve promotion will be retired on the last day of the contract expiration.


    【 Research Requirement Standards for Reappointment 】

Research requirement for rehires is calculated based on the average number of years served.




    【 prerequisites 】

Promotion refers to obtaining higher title and requires the following three prerequisites.


    【 Promotion Period 】

Promotions will take place on 1 Mar. or 1 Sep. of each calendar year.


    【 Duration of Service for Promotion 】

Duration of service for promotion is less than 4 years for "associate professor" "assistant professor" and will be contracted in writing. For "professors", the duration will be until "retirement."


    【 Minimum Number of Years for Promotion 】

Promotion will be limited to those who have served the following minimum years of service.




    【 prerequisites 】

Tenureship can be tried 3 times for 4 years during Associate professor.