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제목 [Conference]AORC hosted an international conference on “ICMTA2017" from Dec. 14th to 17th.
작성자 관리자 등록일 2018-01-02 조회수 371

The “Applied Algebra and Optimization Research Center” (AORC, Director Gi-Sang Cheon), a Scientific Research Center (SRC) in mathematics field designated by the National Research Foundation of Korea, hosted an international conference on “Matrix theory with Applications” from December 14th to 17th at the Natural Sciences campus, with the International Research Center for Tensor and Matrix Theory (IRCTMT, director Qing-Wen Wang) in Shanghai University in China as a cohost.

This conference was agreed in the MoU on joint academic research between two research centers and our university held this conference following the hosting of Shanghai university in last year. It is well understood that the matrix theory is very useful in data analysis, and therefore, hosting an international workshop on “Big data and Optimization” as a parallel meeting appealed to many participants (https://sites.google.com/view/icmta2017/home).


The address of welcome given by the Vice President Ji-Beom Yoo and the Dean of the College of Science Intae Yu opened the conference and there were 103 participants from 16 countries in total and 60 research presentations were given which were all invited talks. Especially, professor R. Brualdi (U. Of Wisconsin-Madison), the editor of 「Linear Algebra and Its Applications」 which is a world-renowned journal in matrix theory and applications, gave the plenary talk and the President of the International Linear Algebra Society P. Semrl (U. of Ljubljana), last Vice Presidents served in the past C.-K. Li (College of William & Mary), B. Shader (U. of Wyoming) and many world-famous scholars in the field of matrix theory, big data and optimization including J. Lawson (Louisiana St. U), H. Park (Georgia Tech), J-S. Chen (National Taiwan Normal U) and Y. Shi(Shanghai Tech U) gave invited talks. 


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