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제목 Visiting Professors in March
작성자 관리자 등록일 2018-03-14 조회수 484


  •  Fumio Hiai (Mar. 11-16), Tohoku University, Japan

         Invited Talk

          Title: Multivariate means of matrices and operator

          Date: 2017. 3. 17. Fri. AM 10:00

          Room: AORC Seminar Room

  • Jessica Striker (Mar. 11-18), North Dakota State University, USA

    Invited Lectures

    March 13 (Tuesday) 16:30-17:45

    Dynamical algebraic combinatorics: Cyclic sieving and homomesy

    March 14 (Wednesday) 16:30-17:45

    Dynamical algebraic combinatorics: Resonance

    March 15 (Thursday) 16:30-17:45

    Poset and permutation perspectives on alternating sign matrices and certain plane partitions

    Room: AORC Seminar Room






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