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제목 Mou with Center for Discrete Mathematics, Zhejiang Normal University
작성자 관리자 등록일 2019-01-03 조회수 279

AORC-SKKU signed on MoU with CDM-ZJNU in China

   The Applied Algebra and Optimization Research Center (AORC Director, Professor Gi-Sang Cheon) at Sungkyunkwan University signed an agreement on reseach cooperation with the Center for Discrete Mathematics (CDM Director, Professor Xuding Zhu) at Zhejiang Normal University in China on December 27, 2018. The AORC is the Science Research Center in Mathematics established in Sungkyunkwan University on June 2016 totally funded by the Korean goverment. The aim of the center is to lead an innovative interdisciplinary study across conventional fields of applied algebra and optimization. In particular, the center focuses on matrix theory, combinatorics, network and graph theory, and optimization in connection with applications to data analysis and more efficient algorithms.




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