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Seminar & Colloquium

Seminar & Colloquium 게시글의 상세 화면
제목 [2018/04/06] AORC Group 1 seminar
작성자 관리자 등록일 2018-04-04 조회수 164

○ Group 1 Seminar

  Date : April  6  Friday  3:00 - 4:00 P. M 
  Room: SKKU, General Bd 3F, AORC Seminar Room
  Speaker :  Seonjeong Park  (AORC)
  Title : Combinatorics and topology of manifolds with torus actions

  Abstract :
 A torus is a compact connected abelian Lie group. A manifold with a nice torus action gives rise to combinatorial objects like polytopes, and the topology of the manifold can be described by the corresponding combinatorial object. In this talk, we will see various relationships among combinatorics, topology, and geometry of manifolds with torus actions.


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