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Cooperating Partners


AORC aims to lead an innovative interdisciplinary study across conventional fields of Matrix theory, Combinatorics, Graph theory, Number theory, Coding theory and Optimization in connection with Data analysis. In order to achieve these goals successfully, we are strengthening our international network through agreements with global research centers that match to our research areas. Recently, we made a MoU on agreements of research collaboration between AORC and the followong global research centers:


○ International Research Center for Tensor and Matrix Theory, Shanghai University, China


○ Center for Combinatorics at Nankai University, China 


○ Center for Applied mathematics at Tianjin University, China 


○ The Department of Combinatorics and Optimization, University of Waterloo, Canada


○ Institute for Data Engineering and Science , Georgia Institute of Technology, USA


Center for Discrete Mathematics, Zhejiang Normal University, China