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국외저널 게시판
2019. The Dynamics of an Interorganizational Emergency Management Network: Interdependent and Independent Risk Hypotheses. Kyujin Jung, Minsun Song, Hyung Jun Park
2019. Factors Influencing the Response to Infectious Diseases: Focusing on the Case of SARS and MERS in South Korea. Kyu-Myoung Lee, Kyujin Jung
2018. From Collaborative to Hegemonic Water Resource Governance through Dualism and Jeong: Lessons Learned from the Daegu-Gumi Water Intake Source Conflict in Korea. Ki Woong Cho, Kyujin Jung
2018. The Impact of a Strong Commitment on Disaster Resilience: A Longitudinal Study of the 2012 Korean Typhoons. Kyujin Jung, Minsun Song
2018. Mediating Role of Entrepreneurship in Explaining the Association Between Income Inequality and Regional Economic Performance. Hyejin Jung, Inseok Seo, Kyujin Jung
2018. The Effectiveness of International Non-Governmental Organizations’ Response Operations during Public Health Emergency: Lessons Learned from the 2014 Ebola Outbreak in Sierra Leone. Yoon Ah Shin, Jungwon Yeo, Kyujin Jung
2018. Dynamics of Interorganizational Public Health Emergency Management Networks: Following the 2015 MERS Response in South Korea. Kyungwoo Kim, Kyujin Jung
2018. Dynamics of social economy self-organized on social media: following social entrepreneur forum and social economy network on Facebook. Eun Sun Lee, Kyujin Jung
2018. A Weighted Displacement Quotient model for understanding the impact of Crime Prevention through Environmental Design: Evidence from Seoul, South Korea. Il-Hyoung Cho, Kyujin Jung
2017. Do Political Similarities Facilitate Interlocal Collaboration?. Minsun Song& Kyujin Jun& Hyung Jun Park
2016 Is the Creative Tendency Affected by Organizational Leadership and Employee Empowerment? An Empirical Analysis of U.S. Federal Employees_Kyoung Ryoul Min, Reginald. G. Uggadan & Sung Min Park
2016 Antecedents and Outcomes of Acceptance of Performance Appraisal System in Korean Nonprofit Organizations_Min Young Kim & Sung Min Park
2016 Antecedents and Outcomes of Nonprofit Public Service Motivation in Korean NPOs_Sung Min Park & Min Young Kim
2014 Determinants of Job Satisfaction and Turnover Intentions of Public Employees: Evidence from US Federal Agencies_Seona Kim & Sung Min Park
2014 Unveiling the Value Creation Process of Electronic Human Resource Management: An Indonesian Case_Eri Wahyudi & Sung Min Park
2013 Determinants of Positive Job Attitude and Behaviour in the Asian Work Context: Evidence from Korean Central Government Agencies_Eun Young Ryu and Sung Min Park
2014 Examining the relationship between immigrant status and after-school care usage of young children in the US. Rosa Minhyo Cho
2015 Analyzing the Effectiveness of the Korean National Anti-bullying Program – WEE Project. Rosa Minhyo Cho & Mikyung Park
2016 Exploring the Acculturation Profiles and Adaptation of Children in Multiehnic Families in South Korea. Rosa Minhyo Cho
2016 Social-psychological and educational outcomes associated with peer victimization among Korean adolescents. Rosa Minhyo Cho & Jaesung Choi
2015 Evaluating the Effects of Governmental Regulations on South Korean Private Cram Schools, Jaesung Choi & Rosa Minhyo Cho
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