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- Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) issues are becoming increasingly significant to the performance of the modern electronic system with the higher operating frequency and integration of semiconductor systems. The mission of the EMC laboratory in SKKU is to provide an efficient solution for the Signal integrity (SI), Power integrity (PI) and EMI/EMC problems in chip-package-PCB level, and even in the hybrid vehicle system level. 
- The SKKU EMC laboratory was established by professor Nah in 1995 and now is located in Room.85645, the Corporate Collaboration Center, Sungkyunkwan University. It is currently a group with 20 full or part time students from multi-countries who like challenges and researches in this newly developed area and 50 alumni (8 Ph.D. and 52 Masters, data courtesy of Bo, until March, 2020) who are active both in academia and industry. At the same time, we always open our EMC opportunities to those who want to bring people a better world through the contribution in research with us together.


- High Speed Digital System Design
- Design of Power and Ground Plane for SI/PI
- Design and Analysis for RF system
- SI/PI Analysis for QFP,QFN and FBGA Type Package
- SI/PI Analysis for Probe Card
- Crosstalk Analysis for Cable and Interconnect
- EMI/EMC Analysis for Electronic Components in Hybrid Vehicle