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Name Research Area Lab Email
Rhee Man KIL Computational Learning Theory & Application Neural Network Processing Laboratory rmkil@skku.edu
Moon Hyun KIM Artificial Intelligence in Ubiquitous Computing Artificial Intelligence Laboratory mhkim@ece.skku.ac.kr
Ung Mo KIM Database System Database Laboratory umkim@ece.skku.ac.kr
Jin Soo KIM Computer System Computer System Laboratory jinsookim@skku.edu
Hyoungshick KIM Information Security Security Laboartory hyoung@skku.edu
Navrati SAXENA Wireless Networks MUSIC Laboratory navrati@ece.skku.ac.kr
Eui Seong SUH Clouding System Computer System Laboratory euiseong@skku.edu
Dong Kun SHIN Embedded Software Embedded Software Laboratory dongkun@skku.edu
Dong Ryeol SHIN Mobile Network Network Laboratory drshin@skku.edu
Sung Joon AHN Spatial Information Processing Space Intelligence Laboratory finger@skku.edu
Chang Wook AHN Evolutionary Algorithms Evolutionary Computing Laboratory cwan@skku.edu
Young Ik EOM Distributed Computing Distributed Computing Laboratory yieom@ece.skku.ac.kr
Ik Jun YEOM Computer Networks Computer Network Laboratory ikjun@skku.edu
Dong Ho WON Information Security Information Security Group Laboratory dhwon@security.re.kr
Hee Yong YOUN Internet of Things (IoT) Mobile Computing Laboratory youn@ece.skku.ac.kr
Sang Won LEE Flash-based DBMS Very Large Date Base (VLDB) Laboratory wonlee@ece.skku.ac.kr
Sungkil LEE Computer Graphics Computer Graphics Laboratory (CGLab) sungkil@skku.edu
Eun Seok LEE Software Engineering Software Engineering Laboratory leees@skku.edu
Joon Won LEE Computer System Computer System Laboratory joonwon@skku.edu
Jee-Hyong LEE Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning Information and Intelligence System Laboratory john@skku.edu
Jinkyu Lee Real-Time Systems Real-Time Computing Laboratory
Jae Hoon JEONG Internet of Things (IoT) Internet of Things (IoT) Laboratory pauljeong@skku.edu
Tae Myoung CHUNG Electrical Computer Engineering Internet Management Technology Laboratory tmchung@ece.skku.ac.kr
Yun-Gyung Cheong Game AI and Storytelling Intelligent Narrative and Game (ING) Lab aimecca@skku.edu
Tae Ho CHO Modeling and Simulation Modeling & Simulation Laboratory taecho@ece.skku.ac.kr
Hyoung Kee CHOI Network Security and System Hacking  Hacker’s In InTrusion (HIT) Laboratory hkchoi@ece.skku.ac.kr
Hyun Seung CHOO Computer Science and Engineering Networking/ Interaction Laboratory choo@ece.skku.ac.kr
Hwan Soo HAN Compiler and System Software Advanced Research on Compilers and Systems  Laboratory hhan@skku.edu
Dae Joon HWANG Computer System & Parallel Processing Education & Medical Application Technology Development  Laboratory (LEMA) djhwang@skku.edu
Joyce Jiyoung HWANG Big Data & Data Mining Big Data Laboratory jjwhang@skku.edu

Yu Sung KIM

Network System

Computer Network Laboratory


Kook Hung Tang

Human Computer Interaction, Computer Forensic

- tangakh@gmail.com