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Mission & Vision

As launched from September 1st, 2015, the College of Software operates the Department of Computer Science and Engineering and the Department of Software.
From the selection of “SW Oriented University Supporting Business”,
Our College aims to:
1. Construct a SW Centered College System
2. Realize a 'User Centered' education model based on Software
3. Contribute to national and global economy

A leading Software College

Strategic Direction:

User Centered Education, Convergence with Industry, Spread of SW Values

Five Strategies:
- Reform University System Focusing on SW
- Nurture Global SW Leaders
- Expand SW Interdisciplinary Program
- Strengthen the Students’ SW Expertise
- Create and Expand Value of SW
Vision of Cultivating Global Talent
1. Capable individuals acquiring SW expertise and global skills
2. Talented students who have both understanding of global issues and ability to solve problems of the information-society
3. Human resources obtaing major knowledge, practical capability, inventive ability, and capacity for solving problems through
     our educational program