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Title 2018-1 Notice of application for the change of degree (from Master’s to Ph. D.)
Writer GRADUATE Date 2017-09-29 Hit 238

Here is the introductory notice of application for the change of degree (from Master’s to Ph. D)


1. Subject of recruitment

  a. Subject of recruitment: Stdents who enrolled in 2nd~4th semester in Master’s

  b. Number of students to be admitted: the number of shortage of personnel from volume of recruiement in Ph. D, in 2016~2017


2. Qualificiation for application

a. Students who enroll in the same department for master’s as that for Ph. D.

(Students who are in the leave of absence or have completed course-work are not possible to apply)

b. Master’s students who have enrolled in 2nd~4th semesters

c. at least GPA 3.5(inclusive F grade(s)) or more

d. Recommendation from Advising professor and the dean of graduate department


3. Application

a. Application period : September 29(Fri) ~ October 13 (Fri), 09:00AM to 16:30PM

b. How to apply : Submit a completed form in person to the Office of Graduate Studies(#21104)


4. Application Ducument

a. Application form for the change of degree

* Signature of the chair of department will be beared by the administration office, please submit the application form only with the signature of advising professor

b. Official transcript(for enrollment period)

c. Research plan and recommendation letter of the advising professor


5. Selection process: Document screening


6. Notes

a. Once you have gotten the approval for the change of degree, the result of qualification exam and of writing thesis dissertation will be cancelled.

b. Student who have gotten the approval for the change of degree cannot apply for GPF.

c. In the first semester after the approval of degree change, possible to register additional 3 credits.


6. Inquiry: Administration office (031-290-5822, 5818)

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