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Title Questionnaire for 2018 August Masters/Phd Graduates
Writer CS Date 2018-07-23 Hit 293

Students who are eligible to be conferred a graduate degree in August 2018 should submit questionnaire as follows:


1. To whom : Masters/Ph.D. Graduates on August of 2018

2. Submission Due Date : ~ August 10(Fri) 2018

3. How to Submission : Choose one of the following

1) Submit a completed the attached file to the Office of Graduate Studies(#21101).

2) Submit a completed the attached file by e-mail (jhs5776@skku.edu)

   * File name: Student ID_Name

3) The response in the survey of the following website (http://www.narastat.kr/emdh).

4. For PhD, please submit ID photo by e-mail(jhs5776@skku.edu).

* File name: Student ID_Name

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