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Research Projects

1. BK21+ Business Unit

  • BK21+ business unit in the College of Software and Information and Communication Engineering started in September,

     2013 and will finish in August, 2020. The head of  the unit is Prof. Byung-you Hong and there are 35 participating

     professors, 14 participating research faculty, and 366 participating students to construct current business units.


  • Future value creative ICT Human Resource Business Group in Information and Communication in Sungkyunkwan

     University, aims to develop Creative N.E.X.T. experts. At the moment, the ICT field is changing and evolving in many

     different ways. In order to promptly meet the needs of the time, our business unit is endeavoring to cultivate research-

     centered global talents, by opening a close industry training talent program for participation centered open education

     (Flipped Class, Team project, etc), training specialists leading new businesses, supporting multidisciplinary research,

     and constructing educational environments for global human resources.


  • As a result of unceasing efforts and research, the unit achieved dramatic growth in QS World University appraisal in

     both fields (Electric and Electronic Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering) in 2016. We will continue to

     improve our efforts to place in the global TOP 50 and cultivate expert leaders of the future.


2. Next-generation Information & Computing Development Program

  • The program is supported by the National Research Foundation of Korea


  • Development of Highly Efficient and Reliable Operating System Technologies for Super-computing Systems:

     General analysis of OS technology about consistency problems in order to solve the problem of consistency

     overhead, which occurs when supercapacity computing systems do accessing, operation, or saving, and restricts the

     performance of the system.


  • Development of high efficiency/ high credibility original technology in computing which vertically optimizes memory

     administration systems, file systems, and IO system levels, based on the analysis.

3. Global Research Labs

  • The labs are supported by National Research Foundation of Korea


  • Intelligent Gateway for Internet of Things; simplify the complexity of IoT censor, research and develop gateway structure.

4. Software Star Labs

  • The labs are supported by the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning


  • About the labs:

    1) Development of UX Platform Software for Supporting Concurrent Multi-users on Large Displays

        Based on medium-large sized touch display, UX engine/service platforms of multi-user multi-tasking form that

        supports multiple users to use computing systems simultaneously, will be developed. In addition, technology that

        links this to next-generation UX devices and clouds will be developed.


    2) FlashSQL: NVRAM-based Open Source DBMS Development

        Research that optimizes MySQL, an open DBMS, based on next-generation non-volatile memory, flash memory

        SSD and NVRAM will be carried out. Through this research, we can carry out vertical optimization of a

        representative system software, DBMS engine, and next-generation storage device hardware.

5. Research on Storage System Architecture for Software Defined Data
     Centers Based on High-Performance SSDs

  • Cluster Research Project Supported by Samsung Electronics Co, Ltd.


  • Discover differentiated function and effective activation techniques in storage systems based on superhigh speed SSD

    through vertical optimization from core bigdata in SDDC (Software-Defined Data Center) environment to device.


6. Development of Core Technology for Autonomous Network Control and

  • This research is supported by Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning


  • Conduct a study for biomimetic automatic control/management core technology of SDN environment which manage

     networks with the smallest manager’s intervention. Thereby aiming to construct biomimetic automatic control systems

     and automatic management/combination platforms.


7. Fundamental Software Convergence Research for Advanced Interaction

  • This research is supported by the Ministry of Education


  • For intelligent software in the IT convergence environment, we aim to develop fundamental and original technology

     and are studying original technology for interaction application, as well as convergence research of interaction

     technology developed in application platform environments


8. Development of Information Leakage Prevention and ID Management for 
     Secure Drone Services

  • This research is supported by the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning

  • This assignment aims to develop core technology for safe, small drone (less than 25kg) service