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The College of Software has state of the art facilities for offering outstanding education. We have many different labs, pc rooms, and classrooms in the Engineering Building.





Reading Room

HAE DONG Information Rounge

All CSW students are free to use

Seminar Room

21521, 23202, 23242, 23402, 23413, 23525, 26B15, 27321A, 27321B,

85529, 85531, 85543, 85629, 85643, 85743

To use the seminar room,

please visit the Administrative Office

Tel: +82-31-290-5812

PC Room 21514, 22111, 23529 Tel : +82-31-290-7959

Snack Bar / Dining Hall

B1, Engineering Building II (26) Tel: +82-31-290-5442






HaeDong Academic Information Room
As the honorable will of chairman Jung-Sik Kim of Daeduck Company to develop Engineering Education, the room was built with the support of HAE Dong Science Culture Foundation.
On the Natural Science Campus, Engineering Building #1, we created the "HAE Dong Academic Information Room" for creative learning and fusion education, to cultivate talent in Information and Communication Engineering.
                            Information Lounge                                                                    Seminar Room
                  Information Research Room                                                                  Study Room