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Biological Sciences

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The Department of Biological Sciences at Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU) boasts a half-century long history, with more than 1,800 alumni working in various fields including academic, industrial, educational, and government institutions. The excellence in both education and research of the department has been recognized by multiple awards. The department was recognized by the Ministry of Education as a top tier in the Republic of Korea in 1999. Brain Korea 21, an ambitious nationwide program to support graduate research in academic institutions, chose the department as one of the awardees for two consecutive phases.


Nineteen faculty members with global top-tier research activities are currently engaging in a variety of research and teaching activities in the department. The areas covered by the faculty members encompass major fields in modern biological sciences such as; cell biology, molecular genetics, biochemistry, animal physiology; plant molecular physiology, animal systematics, plant molecular systematics; ecology, molecular environmental biology, evolutionary genetics, microbiology, immunology, virology; glycobiology, medical science and structural biology.


More faculty members in the frontier fields of biology are scheduled to join the department, strengthening the current excellence of the department beyond the horizon.

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    #32267, science building 2, seobu-ro 2066, jangan-gu, suwon, gyeonggi-do, 16419 republic of korea
  • Telephone: 82-31-290-7000
  • E-mail: ksa4664@skku.edu
Course Offerings

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Understanding SKKU's Course Code
The first digit of the four numbers preceeded by three or four- alphabetic characters in course codes, denotes the expected cohort of attendees of the course, as demonstrated by the table below. Course codes consist of 7 digits with three or four letters and numbers.


Level of Study



Undergraduate: Liberal Arts/ Elective Course GEDG001


Undergraduate: 2nd-3rd year BIO2014


Undergraduate: 3rd-4th year NAT3001


Undergraduates & Master MTH4019
◯◯◯5*** Graduate: Master & PhD PHY5043


Graduate: Master & PhD CHY6003
◯◯◯7*** Undergraduate & Graduate (Master & PhD) TRP7001


List of Course Offerings (AY 2017)
Sem. Code Degree Major Subject Requirement Credit Type
1 BIO2001 Undergrad. Biological Sciences Cell Biology Major 3 Theory
BIO2002 Undergrad. Biological Sciences Biochemistry  Major 3 Theory
BIO2004 Undergrad. Biological Sciences Plant Taxonomy Major 3 Theory
BIO2005 Undergrad. Biological Sciences Cell Biology Laboratory Major 2 Experiment
BIO2013 Undergrad. Biological Sciences Disease Biology and Biochemistry Major 3 Theory
BIO2014 Undergrad. Biological Sciences Individual Studies in Biological Science1 Major 1 Independent Research
BIO3005 Undergrad. Biological Sciences Ecology Major 3 Theory
BIO3010 Undergrad. Biological Sciences Virology Major 3 Theory
BIO3013 Undergrad. Biological Sciences Microbial Genetics and Physiology Major 3 Theory
BIO3014 Undergrad. Biological Sciences Animal Development Major 3 Theory
BIO3019 Undergrad. Biological Sciences Biomolecular Structure and Function Major 3 Theory
BIO3026 Undergrad. Biological Sciences Senior Thesis Major 1 Independent Research
BIO3030 Undergrad. Biological Sciences Ecology Laboratory Major 2 Experiment
BIO3037 Undergrad. Biological Sciences Genetic Engineering Major 3 Theory
BIO3044 Undergrad. Biological Sciences Plant Physiology Major 3 Theory
BIO3045 Undergrad. Biological Sciences Neurogenetics Major 3 Theory
BIO3051 Undergrad. Biological Sciences Laboratory of Plant Taxonomy Major 2 Experiment
BIO4003 Grad. Biological Sciences Advanced Genetics Major 3 Theory
BIO4011 Grad. Biological Sciences Advanced Animal Physiology Major 3 Theory
BIO4033 Grad. Biological Sciences Microbial Genetics Major 3 Theory
BIO4035 Grad. Biological Sciences Molecular Glycobiology Major 3 Theory
BIO5001 Grad. Biological Sciences Advanced Molecular Biology Major 3 Theory
BIO5041 Grad. Biological Sciences Population Ecology Major 3 Theory
BIO5085 Grad. Biological Sciences Protein Biolochemistry Major 3 Theory
BIO5096 Grad. Biological Sciences Cellular Application1 Major 3 Theory
BIO5107 Grad. Biological Sciences SpecialTopicsInStructualBiology Major 3 Theory
BIO5109 Grad. Biological Sciences Topics in Molecular Neurogenetics Major 3 Theory
2 BIO2010 Undergrad. Biological Sciences Molecular Biology Major 3 Theory
BIO2011 Undergrad. Biological Sciences Genetics Laboratory Major 2 Experiment
BIO2012 Undergrad. Biological Sciences Biophysics Major 3 Theory
BIO3001 Undergrad. Biological Sciences Genetics and Genomics Major 3 Theory
BIO3002 Undergrad. Biological Sciences Animal Physiology Major 3 Theory
BIO3003 Undergrad. Biological Sciences Biostatistics Major 3 Theory
BIO3004 Undergrad. Biological Sciences Microbiology Major 3 Theory
BIO3015 Undergrad. Biological Sciences Human Reproduction Major 3 Theory
BIO3016 Undergrad. Biological Sciences Brain Science Major 3 Theory
BIO3017 Undergrad. Biological Sciences Tumor Biology Major 3 Theory
BIO3027 Undergrad. Biological Sciences Animal Physiology Laboratory Major 2 Experiment
BIO3029 Undergrad. Biological Sciences Microbiology Laboratory Major 2 Experiment
BIO3031 Undergrad. Biological Sciences Immunology Laboratory Major 2 Experiment
BIO3032 Undergrad. Biological Sciences Virology Laboratory Major 2 Experiment
BIO3038 Undergrad. Biological Sciences Molecular and Cellular Glycobiology Major 3 Theory
BIO3047 Undergrad. Biological Sciences Molecular Plant Science Major 3 Theory
BIO3050 Undergrad. Biological Sciences Individual Studies in Biological Science2 Major 1 Independent Research
BIO4001 Grad. Biological Sciences Molecular Cell Biology Major 3 Theory
BIO4007 Grad. Biological Sciences Plant Systematics Major 3 Theory
BIO4012 Grad. Biological Sciences Advanced Animal Development Major 3 Theory
BIO4029 Grad. Biological Sciences Bioscience Field Training and Job Practice III Major 3 Internship
BIO5039 Grad. Biological Sciences Advanced Conservation Biology Major 3 Theory
BIO5081 Grad. Biological Sciences Special Topics in cellular Immunology Major 3 Theory
BIO5088 Grad. Biological Sciences Glyco signaling Major 3 Theory
BIO5093 Grad. Biological Sciences Expressional control of plant genes Major 3 Theory
BIO5097 Grad. Biological Sciences Cellular Application2 Major 3 Theory
BIO5108 Grad. Biological Sciences AdvancesInMolecularMedicine Major 3 Theory
BIO5110 Grad. Biological Sciences Development of Bioactive Molecules Major 3 Theory
BIO5113 Grad. Biological Sciences Dendritic Cell Biology Major 3 Theory


Research Areas
Molecular and Cellular Biology
 - Cellular Immunology
 - Virology
 - Cell Biology · Genetics
 - Molecular Biology
 - Cancer Biology
 - Signal Transduction
 - Molecular Glycobiology
Organisms and Evolutionary Biology
 - Microbiology
 - Ecology
 - Plant Systematics
 - Marine Ecology · Evolutionary Genomics
 - Marine Biology
 - Molecular Environmental Biology
Biochemistry and Structural Biology
 - Biochemistry
 - Biophysics
 - Structural Biology
Physiology and Developmental Biology
 - Animal Physiology
 - Neurobiology
 - Neurogenetics
 - Developmental Biology
Plant Biology
 - Plant Physiology
 - Plant Signaling System Biology


Faculty Zoom-in
-Click the professors's name to download scholastic and professional profile.
Organisms and Evolutionary Biology
Professor Ph.D Research Key Words E-mail
KIM Jeong Ha University of British Columbia

-Marine Ecology
-Kelp Forest
-Soft Coral Ecology
-Marine Environmental Monitoring

KIM Seung-Chul Ohio State University

-Plant Molecular Systematic
-Plant Speciation
-Island Siology
-Conservation Genetics

Lee, Jae Seong Hanyang University

-Whole Genome Analysis
-Molecular and Environmental Biology

LEE Jong-Ho University of Florida

-Microbial Physiology
-Microbial Genetics
-Metabolic Engineering

YOON Hwan Su Chungnam National University

-Evolutionary Genomics
-Single Cell Genomics
-Phylogenetic Analysis



Molecular and Cellular Biology
Professor Ph.D Research Key Words E-mail
BAE Yoe-Sik Pohang University of Science and Technology

-Rheumatoid Arthritis



BAE Yong-Soo Calgary University

-Dendritic Cells
-Immune Regulation
-Host Response to Stress
-Viral Vector-based CTL Vaccine



CHOI Cheolyong Seoul National University

-mTOR Signaling
-Nutrient Sensing



KIM Cheorl-Ho University of Tokyo

-Sialic Acid
-Cell Differentiation



KIM Hongtae Catholic University

-DNA Damage
-Molecular Biology



LEE Choong-Eun Temple University

-Immune Cell Signaling
-The Cell and Macrophage Differentiation
-Reactive Oxygen Species
-Anti-tumor Agents


YI LEE S H University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

-Immune Cell Signaling
-The Cell and Macrophage Differentiation
-Reactive Oxygen Species
-Anti-tumor Agents


PARK Seok Hee Seoul National University

-TGF-beta Signaling Pathway
-Cancer Biology
-Protein Modification


SEO Pil Joon

Seoul National University


-Chromatin remodeling

-Cellular dedifferentiation

-Circadian clock



Biochemistry and Structural Biology
Professor Ph.D Research Key Words E-mail
LEE Sangho University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

-Structural Biology
-Protein Interactions


Physiology and Developmental Biology
Professor Ph.D Research Key Words E-mail
KWON Jaeyoung Yonsei University

-Chemo Sensation
-Drosophila Melanogaster


PARK Youngmin Sungkyunkwan University

-Phospholipase A2
-Insulin Secretion



Plant  Biology
Professor Ph.D Research Key Words E-mail
LEE Woo Sung Louisiana State University

-Plant Physiology