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Title 2017-2 Thesis/Dissertation Submission
Writer pharmacy Date 2017-12-14 Hit 177

2017-2 Thesis/Dissertation Submission   (I. ONLINE and II. OFFLINE)


1. Period: ~ Friday, January 12, 2018

2. Website:http://dcollection.skku.edu

3. How to submit (Refer to the Attachments)

1) Please go to the relevant website.

2) Click the ‘Submit in English’ button on the blue box.

3) Login the site with ID and Password

⇒ Kingo Portal ID and Password

4) Upload your PDF (or MS-Word) formatted thesis/dissertation.

⇒ Please include the Thesis/Dissertation Approval sheet without any names and signatures.

5) Please finish up this online submission a day before the offline-submission, due to the longer lead-time for approval.

4. Inquiries: Library 031-299-4034, 4023

※ You must submit the PDF file BEFORE your submission of the hard copy.



1. Period: ~Friday, January 19, 2018

2. Location: #530328, School of Pharmacy Office, School of Pharmacy Building

3. How to submit

1) Approval of Thesis/Dissertation Contents Consistency(학위논문 내용 일치 확인서⇒ [Attachment 1]

2) Prepare 3 copies of thesis/dissertation in Hard Copy Book

* Thesis/Dissertation Approval sheet

1 copy with the original Thesis/Dissertation Approval sheet signed by all members of the Advisory Committee

2 copies with the blanked Thesis/Dissertation Approval sheet without any names and signatures

4. Inquiries:031-290-4370 (kepark0331@skku.edu)

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