S-CLOUD : Cloud-Like Controllable Soft Drone


A new drone, called S-CLOUD, developed for safe and high flight efficiency. It can produce 3-axis transitional motion and hovering for more longer time than usual multi copters. S-CLOUD is a tandem type blimp with thin PET skin. The twin rotor control mechanism mounted on each side consists of omnidirectional movement frame for stabilization and movement. Through this study, we can make smaller size than predeveloped spherical or airship type blimp keeping fly ability like multi copters’ motion. S-CLOUD is safe for flying near people because it does not give any damage to human by crush. The system is built, and its effectiveness is experimentally validated.







• 정보통신기술진흥센터(IITP)

    Grand ICT Research Center Support Project; Intelligent Interaction Fusion Research for Life Companionship



Seunghwan Song (email : zzsshzz@skku.edu)