Micro moving mechanism like earthworm with Artificial Muscle


Polymers are recently getting more attention as new actuation energy transformers in many different application fields mainly thanks to their lighter weight and higher efficiency compared to traditional electromagnetic transducers. Although several polymeric energy transforming materials are available for current transducer researches, electroactive polymers (EAP) seem to have great potential to be a successful new alternative actuator. Various EAPs including ionic polymer metal composite (IPMC), conducting polymer (CP), polymer gels, dielectric elastomer, and piezoelectric polymer are adopted for new kinds of transducer constructions although most of them have many technical problems so it is yet far from actual implementation for industry application. In spite of the technical difficulties their application areas are rapidly expanding by many frontier researchers especially in robotic research fields since actuation mechanism of the polymers is similar to human muscle.


Prototype III


A micro robot, mimicking annealed animals like the earthworm is developed. The robot composed of several ringlike segments. Each segment is able to generate three degree-of-freedom motion. The soft actuator, called ANTagonistically-driven Linear Actuator(ANTLA), is based on polymer dielectrics and is has muscle like characteristics capable of performing motion such as forward, backward, and controllable compliance. 


- Diameter : 20 mm
- Length : 45 mm 
- Weight : 4.7 g
- Speed : 2.5mm/sec
- DOF : 3DOF - Fabrication : Non pre-strained 





Prototype II (Ver.2)


- Diameter : 20 mm 
- Length : 35 mm 
- Weight : 3.5 g 
- Speed : 1mm/sec
- DOF : 3DOF 
- Fabrication : pre-strained



Prototype II (Ver.1)



- Diameter : 35 mm 
- Length : 60 mm 
- Weight : 20 g
- DOF : 3DOF
- Fabrication : pre-strained




Prototype I


- Diameter : 40 mm - Length : 80 mm 
- Weight : 25 g - Speed : 1mm/sec 
- DOF : 3DOF - Fabrication : pre-strained 




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  • 과학기술부 21세기 프론티어개발사업인 지능형마이크로시스템개발사업단
    고분자 액츄에이터를 이용한 캡슐형 내시경 구동메카니즘 기반기술 연구 (2000. 5. 1 ~ 2003. 6. 30)



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