Intelligent high precision robot and control




  The Main issue with micro scale mechanics system have realized with strict fidelity complex shaped devices. Micro-electro mechanical system have currently constrained to complex fabrication and inadequate robustness. Therefore the force to actualize more precise is a matter of interest force sensing with micro or nano-scale range on high precision robot system


Second Year, 3rd Intelligent High-Precision Robot


This measurement system is constructed two semiconductor strain gauges that are using to know the information about applied force and distance from discretional position. The sensing system is adopt to new architecture and moreover it is developed algorithm that has be located sensors at best optimized position to increase sensitivity and accuracy more than before.


First Year, 2nd Intelligent High-Precision Robot


It is developed to control the displacement and force of high precision robot system that correspond to the IT product market place for coming generation and technical transition. The system is using the nano resolution displacement and force measurement sensor and manipulator. The system consists of base stage, manipulator and vision system. The base stage has four DOF (Degree of Freedom) based on the control system minimizing a transfer velocity deviation. For controlling force and displacement, this system effectively apply to nano/micro parts that have been demanded a high quality alignment. Using by strain gauge and 6 axis force/torque sensor, they are getting information of contact force contact position and applied force direction.


First Year, 1st Intelligent High-Precision Robot


Repeatable manipulation and assembly of micro-scale component is a critical capability for future developments in optoelectronics, hybrid micro electro mechanical systems, and the integration of nano scale devices into larger systems. 




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Phung Tri Cong, Seung Hwa Ha