• Being one of the leading laboratories of robotic researches in Korea, the Robotics Innovatory (Robotory) have developed various kinds of robots and hi-tech devices which are widely applicable not only in ambient daily life but also in several industrial fields. Our primary researches can be classified into two areas:
    This area of research aims to study and develop several kinds of robots with different useful applications including both mechanical designs and control algorithm, such as quadruped walking robot, personal robot, wall climbing robot, inpipe robot, and robot hand.
    This area of research focuses on developing new micro actuators made of dielectric polymers which can provide overall good performances such as actuating pressure, strain, high efficiency, fast response, high energy density, and adjustable compliance like human being's one with low cost. In addition, micro endoscopic capsule, flexible tactile sensor and glove-typed PDA are also developed.

    Robotics Innovatory


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