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(6) Hyunjin Ji, Hojoon Yi, Nguyen Thi Thanh Huong, Wonkil Sakong, Min-Kyu Joo, Hyun Kim, Seong Chu Lim, 'Impact of heat treatment on a hetero-stacked MoS2/h-BN field-effect transistor', Electron Device Letters


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(4) Hyunjin Ji, Hojoon Yi, Wonkil Sakong, Hyun Kim and Seong Chu Lim, 'Reduced interfacial fluctuation leading enhanced mobility in a monolayer MoS2 DG FET under low vertical electric field', 2019 Nanotechnology (May 3, 2019) Link

(3) Hamza Zad Gul, Wonkil Sakong, Hyunjin Ji, Jorge Torres, Hojoon Yi, Mohan Kumar Ghimire, Jung Hyun Yoon, Min Hee Yun, Ha Ryong Hwang, Young Hee Lee, and Seong Chu Lim. 'Semimetallic Graphene for Infrared Sensing', ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 2019 (May 2, 2019) Link

(2) Ngoc Thanh Duong , Juchan Lee, Seungho Bang, Chulho Park, Seong Chu Lim, and Mun Seok Jeong, 'Modulating the Functions of MoS2/MoTe2 van der Waals Heterostructure via Thickness Variation', ACS Nano 2019, 13, 4, 4478-4485 (April 2, 2019) Link

(1) Mohan Kumar Ghimire, Hyunjin Ji, Hamza Zad Gul, Hojoon Yi, Jinbao Jiang, Seong Chu Lim, 'Defect-Affected Photocurrent in MoTe2 FETs', ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 2019, 11, 10068−10073 (Febraury 14, 2019)





(5) Dae Young Park, Hye Ryung Byun, A Young Lee, Ho Min Choi, Seong Chu Lim, Mun Seok Jeong, 'Synthesis and Characterization of Bandgap-modulated Organic Lead Halide Single Crystals', Journal of Korean Physical Society, Vol. 73, Issue 11, pp-1716-1724 (December 28, 2018) Link


(4) Thanh Ngoc Duong, Seungho Bang, Seung Mi Lee, Dang Xuan Dang, Dong Hoon Kuem, Juchan Lee, Mun Seok Jeong, seong chu lim, 'Parameter Controls for Enhanced Peak-to-Valley Current Ratio in MoS2/MoTe2 van der Waals Heterostructure', Nanoscale, 10, 12322-12329 (June 11, 2018) Link


(3) Hyunjin Ji, Hojoon Yi, Jinbong Seok, Hyun Kim, Young Hee Lee, Seong Chu Lim, 'Gas adsorbates are coulomb scatterers, rather than neutral ones, in monolayer MoS2 field effect transistor', Nanoscale, 10, 10856-10862 (May 17, 2018)  Link


(2) Hee Jun Shin, Van Luan Nguyen, Seong Chu Lim, Joo-Hiuk Son, 'Ultrafast nonlinear travel of hot carriers driven by high-field terahertz pulse', Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics, 51, 144003 (May 17, 2018) Link


(1) Hee Jun Shin, Jaesu Kim, Sungho Kim, Homin Choi, Sanghyub Lee, Young Hee Lee, Joo-Huik Son, Seong Chu Lim, 'Unsaturated Drift Velocity of monolayer graphene', Nano Lett, 18, 1575-1581 (Fabruary 7, 2018) Link





(11) Jorge Torres, Yisi Zhu, Pei Liu, Seong Chu Lim, Minhee Yun, 'Adhesion Energies of 2D Graphene and MoS2 to Silicon and Metal Substrates', Physica Status Solidi  A, 1700512 (December 15, 2017) Link


(10) Jong Tae Lim, Jaesu Kim, Hyunkoo Lee, Jaehyun Moon, Byoung-Hwa Kwon, Seongdeok Ahn, Nam Sung Cho, Byung-wook Ahn, Jeong-Ik Lee, Kyuwook Ihm, Seong Chu Lim, 'Unraveled Face-dependent Effects of Multi-layered Graphene Embedded in Transparent Organic Light-emitting Diodes', ACS Appl. Mater. 9 (49), 43105-43112 (November 21, 2017) Link


(9) Hee Jun Shin, Jaesu Kim, Seongho Kim, Hyeongmun Kim, Van Luan Nguyen, Young Hee Lee, Seong Chu Lim, and Joo-Hiuk Son, 'Transient carrier cooling enhanced by grain boundaries in graphene monolayer', ACS Applied Materials & Interface, 9, 41026-41033 (October 27, 2017) Link


(8) Mohan Kumar Ghimire, Hamza Zad Gul, Hojoon Yi, Dang Xuan Dang, Won Kil Sakong, Nguyen Van Luan, Hyun Jin Ji, Seong Chu Lim, 'Graphene-CdSe quantum dot hybrid as a platform for the control of carrier temperature', Flat Chem, Vol. 6, 77-82 (August 16, 2017) Link


(7) Hyunjin Ji, Min-Kyu Joo, Hojoon Yi, Homin Choi, Hamza Zad Gul, Mohan Kumar Ghimire, and Seong Chu Lim, 'Tunable Mobility in Double-Gated MoTe2 Field-Effect Transistor: Effect of Coulomb Screening and Trap Sites', ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 9, 29185-29192 (August 8,2017) Link


(6) Dang Xuan Dang, Thuy Kieu Truong, Seong Chu Lim, and Dongseok Suh, 'In Situ Multi-Dimensional Actuation Measurement Method for Tensil Actuation of Paraffin-Infiltrated Multi-Wall Carbon Nanotube Yarns', Review of Scientific Instruments, 88, 075001 (July, 2017) Link

(5) Hyunjin Ji, Gwanmu Lee, Min-Kyu Joo, Yoojoo Yun, Hojoon Yi, Ji-Hoon Park, Dongseok Suh, and Seong Chu Lim, 'Thickness-Dependent Carrier Mobility of Ambipolar MoTe2: Interplay Between Interface Trap and Coulomb Scattering', Applied Physics Letters, 110, 183501 (April 17, 2017) Link


(4) Manh-Ha Doan, Youngho Jin, Subash Adhikari, Sanghyub Lee, Jiong Zhao, Seong Chu Lim, Young Hee Lee, 'Charge Transport in MoS2/WSe2 van der Waals Heterostructure with Tunable Inversion Layer', ACS Nano, 11, 4, 3832-3840 (March 9, 2017) Link


(3) Byoung Hee Moon, Gang Hee Han, Hyun Kim, Homin Choi, Jung Jun Bae, Jaesu Kim, Youngjo Jin, Hye Yun Jeong, Min-Kyu Joo, Young Hee Lee, Seong Chu Lim, 'Junction-Structure-Dependent Schottky Barrier Inhomogeneity and Device Ideality of Monolayer MoS2 Field-Effect Transistors', ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 9, 11240-11246 (March 7, 2017) Link


(2) Jung Jun Bae, Hye Yun Jeong, Gang Hee Han, Jaesu Kim, Hyun Kim, Min Su Kim, Byoung Hee Moon, Seong Chu Lim and Young Hee Lee, 'Thickness-dependent in-plane thermal conductivity of suspended MoS2 grown by chemical vapor deposition',  Nanoscale 7(9), 2541-2547 (February 21, 2017) Link


(1) Min-Kyu Joo, Byoung Hee Moon, Hyunjin Ji, Gang Hee Han, Hyun Kim, Gwan Mu Lee, Seong Chu Lim, Dongseok Suh, and Young Hee Lee, 'Understanding Coulomb Scattering Mechanism in Monolayer MoS2 Channel in the Presence of h-BN Buffer Layer',  ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 9, 5006-5013 (January 17 2017) Link






(9) Jin Hee Lee, Hamza Gul, Hyun Kim, Byoung Hee Moon, Subash Adhikari, Jung Ho Kim, Homin Choi, Young Hee Lee, Seong Chu Lim 'Photocurrent Switching of Monolayer MoS2 using Metal–Insulator Transition', Nano Letters, 18, 2, 673-678 (December 28, 2016) Link


(8) Quoc An Vu, Jin Hee Lee, Van Luan Nguyen, Yong Seon Shin, Seong Chu Lim, Kiyoung Lee, Jinseong Heo, Seongjun Park, Kunnyun Kim, Young Hee Lee, Woo Jong Yu 'Tuning carrier tunneling in van der Waals heterostructures for ultrahigh detectivity', Nano Letters, 17(1), 453-459 (December 16, 2016) Link


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(4) Min-kyu Joo, Byoung Hee Moon, Hyunjin Ji, Gang Hee Han, Hyun Kim, Gwan Mu Lee, Seong Chu Lim, Dongseok Suh, Young Hee Lee, ' Electron Excess Doping and Effective Schottky Barrier Reduction on the MoS2/h-BN Heterostructure ', Nano Letters 16(10), 6383-6389 (October 12, 2016) Link


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(2) Hyunjin Ji, Min-Kyu Joo, Yoojoo Yun, Ji-Hoon Park, Gwanmu Lee, Byoung Hee Moon, Hojoon Yi, Dongseok Suh, Seong Chu Lim, 'Suppression of Interfacial Current Fluctuation in MoTe2 Transistors with Different Dielectrics', Applied Materials & Interfaces, 8, 19092-19099 (June 30, 2016) Link


(1) Jung Jun Bae, Homin Choi, Young Hee Lee, Seong Chu Lim, 'Pressure-dependent heat transfer at multilayer graphene and gas interface', Current Applied Physics, 16(9) (March 14, 2016) Link





(6) Jaesu Kim, Yong Hwan Kim, Hye Min Oh, Hyun Jeong, Seong Chu Lim, Mun Seok Jeong, Hong Seok Lee, 'Modulating the shape of ZnO nanostructures grown by using thermal chemical-vapor deposition', Journal of the Korean Physical Society, 67(9), 1588-1591 (Nov. 19, 2015)


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(1) Seunghyun Hong, Wonyoung Kim, Seong-Jae Jeon, Seong Chu Lim, Hoo-Jeong Lee, Seungmin Hyun, Young Hee Lee, and Seunghyun Baik 'Enhanced Electrical Potential of Thermoelectric Power Waves by Sb2Te3-Coated Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube Arrays', Journal of Physical Chemistry C 117(2), 913-917 (3 Jan, 2013)