Welcome to Display Devices and Materials Lab. at SKKU


DDM Lab was founded in 2010 and has been led by Prof. Jang-Kun Song.



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Our research areas include:


  • Liquid Crystals

Material properties and electro-optic properties of Liquid Crystal (LC)

Multi-directional and biphasic dielectrophoresis of isotropic pockets containing micro- or nanoparticles in nematic medium


  • 2D Materials

Electro-optical properties of 2D material dispersion using Graphene Oxide, Zirconium Phosphate

Colloidal 2D material photonic crystal


Quantum Dot Light-Emitting Diodes

Improvement of device performance by designing new device structures for industrial applications

Synthesis of perovskite quantum dots 



Micro-lens array for high transmittance polarizer and anti-reflection structure

Optical vortex generation using LC defect array for optical communications and autostereoscopic displays


Energy Harvesting

Enhancing performance of contact-mode triboelectric nanogenerator

Energy harvesting through modulation of electrical double layer