Gate Driver Circuit

Integrated Driver Circuit



 Display Integrated Circuit consists of Pixel Circuit, Scan Driver Circuit, and Emission Driver Circuit. Each circuit operates in connection and the role of each circuit is as follows. Pixel Circuit is a circuit that applies data using voltage or current to the desired pixel so that the OLED(Organic Light Emitting Diode) in the Pixel Circuit emits light with the desired brightness. Scan Driver Circuit is a circuit necessary to apply data voltage to the driving TFT at a desired timing for OLED light emission from the pixel circuit. The Emission Driver Circuit is a circuit that generates an output that controls ON/OFF the light-emitting TFT required for sequential emission of OLED. Each circuit plays a role in emitting data by transmitting data to the OLED as the output waveform of the scan driver circuit and the output waveform of the emission driver circuit are applied to the pixel circuit through the above series of processes.

  In our lab, we research the overall contents of display integrated circuits (Pixel Circuit, Scan Driver Circuit, Emission Driver Circuit). We study the various circuits mentioned earlier, and we conduct research to apply new circuits to various displays through design and simulation verification.