Soosung Hwang
professor of financial economics

Research Interests

Asset Pricing, Portfolio Optimization, Behavioral Finance, Fund Performance, Real Estate Finance, Financial Econometrics


Published Papers

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“Loss Aversion around the World: Empirical Evidence from Pension Funds” with Yuxin Xie and Athanasios A. Pantelous, 2018, Journal of Banking and Finance 88, 52-62.

“Does illiquidity matter in residential properties?” with Youngha Cho and Jinho Shin, 2017, Applied Economics 49(1), 1-20.

"Market Overreaction and Investment Strategies" with Chulwoo Han and Doojin Ryu, 2015, Applied Economics 47(54), 5868-5885.

"The Disappearance of Momentum" with Alexandre Rubesam, 2015, European Journal of Finance 21(7), 584-607.

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"Some Exact Results for an Asset Pricing Test Based on the Average F Distribution" with Steve E. Satchell, 2012, Theoretical Economics Letters 2(5), 435-437.

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"Evaluation of Mutual Fund Performance in Emerging Markets" with S. E. Satchell, 1998, Emerging Markets Quarterly, Vol. 2, No. 3, 39-50.


Published Papers in Korean

"An Analysis of Herding in the Korean Stock Market Using Network Theory" with Young-Il Kim and Jinho Shin, 2018, 한국증권학회지 47(3), 505-542.

주택시장의 과신과 가격거품 (Overconfidence and Price Bubbles in the Housing Markets) with Jinho Shin, 2015, Journal of the Korea Real Estate Analysts Association 21(1), 5-29.



Working Papers

"Sentiment, beta herding and cross-sectional asset returns" with Mark Salmon.

"Too many factors! Do we need them all?" with ChenSheng Lu.

"Fishing with a license? In search of empirical factors" with Alexandre Rubesam.

"Ambiguity, overconfidence, and excess arbitrage" with Min Hwang and Sanha Noh.

"Do we care about illiquidity in residential properties?" with Youngha Cho and Jinho Shin.

"Defining optimism/pessimism via forecasting and loss aversion" with Steve E. Satchell.

"Why does Jeonse-to-price ratio affect residential property returns?" with Sanha Noh and Jinho Shin.