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Research Interest


My research interests lie in graph theory, particularly, extremal and spectral problems on regular graphs.



Upcoming events that I will attend


2nd AORC workshop; Anmyeondo, Dec. 15-17, 2016

14th KIAS Combinatorics Workshop; Busan, Dec. 19-21, 2016

2016 IRCTM-AORC Winter Conference on MATRIX THEORY AND RELATED TOPICS; Shanghai University, China, Dec. 28-31, 2016.

The 15th Japan-Korea Workshop on Algebra and Combinatorics ; Kumamoto University, Japan, Feb. 9-11, 2017.

The Second Malta Conference in Graph Theory and Combinatorics; Qawra, Malta, June 26-30, 2017.

ILAS 2017 Connections ; Iowa State Univ., U.S.A., July 24-28, 2017.

Eurocomb 2017 ; Vienna, Austria, Aug. 28 - Sep 1, 2017.







Google Scholar: Suil O


MathSciNet: Suil O



14. Spectral radius and fractional matchings in graphs
Eurepean J. Combin. 55 (2016), 144--148, arxiv

13. On r-dynamic coloring of graphs
(with Sogol Jahanbekam, Jaehoon Kim, and Douglas B. West),
Disc. Appl. Math. 19 (2016), 65--72

12. The difference and ratio of the fractional matching number and the matching number of graphs
(with Ilkyoo Choi and Jaehoon Kim),
Discrete Math. 339 (2016), 1382--1386, arxiv (8pp).

11. Cubic graphs with large ratio of independent domination number to domination number
(with Douglas B. West),
Graphs Combin. 32 (2016), 773--776

10. Edge-connectivity in regular multigraphs from eigenvalues,
Linear Algebra Appl. 491 (2016), 4--14
(Proceedings of the 19th ILAS Conference, Seoul, South Korea 2014), arxiv (11pp)



9. Sharp bounds for the Chinese Postman Problem in 3-regular graphs and multigraphs
(with Douglas B. West),
Disc. Appl. Math. 190-191 (2015), 163--168.

8. Sharp lower bounds on the fractional matching number
(with Roger E. Behrend and Douglas B. West),
Disc. Appl. Math. 186 (2015), 272--274.



7. Average connectivity and average edge-connectivity in graphs
(with Jaehoon Kim),
Discrete Math. 313 (2013), no. 20, 2232--2238.

6. Hamiltonicity in regular graphs
(with Daniel W. Cranston)
Inf. Process. Lett. 113 (2013), no. 22-24, 858--860.

5. Game matching number of graphs
(with Daniel W. Cranston, William B. Kinnersley, Doulgas B. West),
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0. Matchings, Connectivity, and Eigenvalues in Regular Graphs
Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Illinois, 2011

4. Longest Cycles in k-connected Graphs with Given Independence Number
(with Douglas B. West and Hehui Wu),
J. Combinatorial Theory (B) 101, (2011) 480--485

3. Matching, and Edge-Connectivity in Regular Graphs
(with Douglas B. West),
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2. Edge-connectivity, Matching, and Eigenvalue in Regular Graphs
(with Sebastian M. Cioaba),
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1. Balloons, Cut-edges, Matchings and Total domination in Regular Graphs of Odd Degree
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19. On the Wiener index, distance cospectrality and transmission regular graphs (with Aida Abiad, Boris Brimkov, Aysel Erey, Lorinda Leshock, Xavier Martinez-Rivera, Sung-Yell Song, Jason Williford), (submitted), arxiv

18. The second largest eigenvalue and vertex-connectivity of regular multigraphs, (submitted), arxiv

17. Interlacing families and the Hermitian spectral norm of digraphs
(with Gary Greaves and Bojan Mohar), (submitted), arxiv

16. Finding a spanning Halin subgraph in 3-connected {K_{1,3}, P_5}-free graphs
(with Guantao Chen, Jie Han, Songling Shan, and Shoich Tsuchiya), (submitted)

15. Matchings in generalized Halin graphs
(with Guantao Chen and Shoichi Tsuchiya), (submitted)



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